Riverside & Corona’s Elite Provider Of Invisalign

Our orthodontists are the #1 providers of Invisalign in the Riverside and Corona areas due to their extensive knowledge, expertise, and experience with this treatment option. As a specialist in Invisalign, Dr. Larson is committed to providing the most advanced solutions in orthodontic care. We look forward to providing you with the latest in technology to give you a smile worth sharing!



Clearly The Right Choice

Are you looking for a way to straighten your smile without the appearance of braces? Our office is proud to be a certified provider of Invisalign clear aligners, which give you a clear, convenient, and comfortable option to achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. With Invisalign, we use a series of clear plastic trays that our orthodontists custom design for your unique smile. Similar to how braces help your teeth move, with each new set of aligners, Invisalign applies gentle pressure to your teeth that gradually shifts them into proper alignment. We recommend wearing your aligners as much as possible, or around 20-22 hours each day.

  • Faster Treatment — With bi-weekly aligner changes, you’re on your way to the smile you want even faster.
  • Proven Results — Proprietary SmartTrack® material and SmartForce® features are clinically proven to improve control of tooth movement with Invisalign clear aligners.
  • Better Fit — We use our iTero digital scanner to map out a dedicated treatment plan according to your 3D scans.
  • Effective — Invisalign clear aligners can treat a wide range of teeth-straightening conditions, including crossbites, crowding, open bites, gapped teeth, overbites, and underbites.
  • Virtually Invisible — Straighten your teeth without anyone knowing! Invisalign is virtually invisible.
  • Comfortable — Invisalign clear aligner trays are not only smooth and comfortable to wear, but they’re also removable. You can continue doing all the things you normally would!
  • Convenient — Invisalign treatment is ideal for your busy schedule since you only need to visit our office every six weeks.

The Aligners

Care You Can Trust

Overall, the process of Invisalign is simple and efficient. The process of Invisalign can be broken down into four simple steps:

  1. Treatment Plan — During your consultation, your orthodontist will design and review a comprehensive treatment plan that details all aspects of your Invisalign treatment, including the length of treatment time, cost, the number of aligners, and instructions on how to best care for your aligners.
  2. Fitting Your Aligners — After using the 3D digital impressions of your smile to design a custom set of aligners, we will bring you back to our office to ensure that the aligners fit properly. At this appointment, we will also review when to switch out your aligners and answer any questions you may have.
  3. Wearing Your Aligners — On average, patients wear Invisalign for 9-24 months. However, treatment time is based on your smile goals and the issues needing correction. We’ll have you come into our office every few weeks to check progress, but you’ll be the one switching out your aligners as directed!
  4. Enjoy Your New Smile — Once your teeth have arrived at their goal positioning, you will want to maintain your smile so that it stays perfect. We will create retainers for you to wear full-time at first, then just at night while you sleep to ensure your teeth do not shift back.