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sherri R.
23:21 20 Mar 23
I really like the atmosphere here! Friendly and helpful staff. Easy financing for my daughter's Invisalign.Also there is never much of a wait because they are well staffed and have a smoothly ran office
Jennifer K.
22:40 16 Mar 23
We’ve had a great experience at Larson. Great care and all the staff is kind and caring.
Karen M.
19:11 16 Mar 23
Larson got us in quickly for a consultation for Invisalign that my 16yo son wanted instead of traditional braces. Larson was the only orthodontic that had the options that my son liked. Other places wanted to do so many different procedures on his mouth that Larson said was not needed. The prices are affordable and my son has had the Invisalign for a little over a month and you can already tell a difference in the alignment of his teeth.They spent a good amount of time with my son explaining the care needed and answered all of our questions. A bracket fell off the next day after getting the Invisalign put on and I called them regarding getting it put back on and we had an appointment by the end of the week. The staff is amazing at their job from the front desk check in to the technician in the back. They are friendly, knowledgeable and very professional. I was amazed to see how well the staff works together and made my sons experiences very comfortable.
Debbie R.
18:31 16 Mar 23
Dr. Larsons orthodontics is very clean and friendly. They take you step by step explaining how the process works. All employees are very kind and friendly. Dr Larson makes you feel like family.
Jaime H.
16:31 15 Mar 23
My daughter comes here. And everyone is so sweet and welcoming. This place is a solid great 5 Stars. We love Larson
Amy G.
20:45 13 Mar 23
I love Larson Orthodontics! They were able to accommodate my schedule and get me into an appointment for Invisalign. Dr. Larson is easy to talk to and cares about his patients.
Darlene M.
20:08 13 Mar 23
We have been patients of Dr Larson Orthodontics for 10 years! It is the only place I trust my kid's smiles with! He is so gentle, kind and reassuring!
Breanne J.
17:07 13 Mar 23
best staff! best orthodontists! Make my kids feel comfortable! explain everything so well.
Stephanie M.
16:31 09 Mar 23
Larson Orthodontics has provided the most professional, honest, friendly orthodontist care for my whole family for 10 years. Dr. Larson gave us all the straight, healthy smiles that we had hoped for. I always feel like Dr. Larson and his team are honest about our care needs and never over charge, or suggest anything unnecessary… which is so important in all healthcare.I couldn’t be happier with our orthodontist care!
Shemeka Y.
21:09 27 Feb 23
Such a great experience for my daughter. So glad to have been referred to Larson Orthodontics.
G B.
19:02 23 Feb 23
I am thrilled that Dr. Larson now has an office in Corona! My daughter was a patient in the Riverside office in 2016 and had a wonderful experience. Now another (adult) daughter is a patient at the new Corona office. She has special needs so I’m always sensitive to how she’ll be treated. I cannot say enough positive things about Dr. Larson and his staff. In both offices my kids have been treated kindly, professionally, and respectfully. His office does not shame kids like I’ve experienced elsewhere, and, where other orthodontists have suggested pulling permanent teeth, he was able to develop a plan to preserve good healthy teeth. I highly recommend Dr. Larson if you are looking for excellent orthodontic services with an amazing staff.
Jennifer B.
17:52 23 Feb 23
Our family loves Dr. Larson and his team. He is absolutely the best in orthodontics! We are so thankful to have him caring for our boys smiles over the last 15 years.
Love the service, my teeth are getting straighter
Jacqueline M.
14:46 17 Feb 23
This is the most wonderful orthodontist office. The team is so friendly. Dr. Larson is very personable, he builds relationships with his patience, and makes them feel comfortable. My daughter is only 8 and he made her feel special and at ease about getting braces. We got her braces on the same day as the consultation. The assistants were all smiling, happy, and very supportive. They provided tons of information and really did taylor the service to each person in the room. I am happy that we have Dr. Larson as our provider.
Dustin C.
02:19 15 Feb 23
Wa have taken all 4 of our children to Dr Larson over the years. The service every time is top notch beyond 5 Stars. The office staff is quick and efficient. The office in general is very clean and sterile. We have had nothing less than an outstanding experience with each child and would recommend Larson Orthodontics to anyone.
Arcelia M.
16:14 14 Feb 23
Service is great ! Everyone is welcoming and the facility is nice/clean.
Flappy B.
21:23 13 Feb 23
Larson is somewhere I look forward to going to. -Elliot R
Mkll D.
18:01 09 Feb 23
I went here for braces and I was treated greatly. The staffs are very friendly and the whole vibe and mood of the place is very calming and relaxing. They also have tv’s that plays movies you’re able to watch whenever you’re getting dealt with. Highly recommend this place
jenny S.
17:16 09 Feb 23
I love this place. My teeth came out so nice and all the ladies there are super nice and accommodating. Would recommend to a family friend for sure.
Alesia J.
00:58 09 Feb 23
We are fairly new clients at Larson but so far we have been happy! I really appreciated being told our cost up front and having a monthly payment schedule so we could budget for braces. Everyone has been very friendly and our appointments have run on time. I would like to see more HEPA filters throughout the area since it’s one big room where most people are seen. Overall- we have had a pleasant experience and would recommend to friends.
21:18 06 Feb 23
While the vast majority of Larson Orthodontics patients are young school age people, I am a senior who experienced the old style "metal mouth" braces that really cut up my mouth way back when I was in high school So imagine my surprise and astonishment when I was fitted with non-metal plastic forms throughout the realignment of my mouth. Absolutely wonderful: occasional mild soreness, but no real pain, and no bloody metal cuts!The process has been quick and painless. The orthodontic doctors and staff are amazing professionals who are knowledgeable, skilled and genuinely interested in making a positive difference for the patient. And they really deliver results quickly!One additional and unexpected benefit of the Larson Ortho team's great work: is that while a lifelong sufferer of frequent migraine headaches, I have not experienced any migraine headaches so far since my teeth were gently realigned.I am genuinely impressed and very grateful for the Larson team's interest, skill, kindness and results!
Daniella W.
23:34 01 Feb 23
Very friendly, would recommend. I was a patient over 15 years ago and now my daughter is a patient!
20:14 31 Jan 23
If you need a place to put braces, I recommend this place Larson orthodontics It is very reliable, safe and very clean, and good customer service! They offer you different packages and very accessible !!! When you have your appointment they serve you very quickly and very friendly !!
Hussein Z.
17:55 26 Jan 23
phenomenal office
zach N.
02:37 26 Jan 23
The staff and Orthodontist were very professional and made the experience of getting braces for my 7 year old daughter very calm. They made sure to make it a fun non stressful environment which was nice. We just started with the braces but so far so good and would recommend Larson Orthodontics.
Christian B.
16:01 18 Jan 23
We are just starting our second child with Larson Orthodontics. Everything has been great and we’re happy to be coming back.
Matthew D.
16:00 18 Jan 23
The braces are a bit pricey but the service is fantastic and they give the best items to help you as opposed to cheap ineffective products.
Melanie B.
03:28 18 Jan 23
Best orthodontist ever! Friendly and helpful staff. Three of my kids have seen Dr Larson! Wouldn’t go anywhere else.
Giselle O.
22:43 15 Jan 23
Thank you Dr. Larson and team for an amazing/welcoming experience! You guys are awesome!
Maria M.
23:37 11 Jan 23
My 12 year old got her braces today. Nice ambiance knowledgeable and amicable staff. Ortho Dr. are easy going and make sure the kids feel comfortable. They explain EVERYTHING in detailed.They are very good about their appointment times. They got us in right on time.I highly recommend Dr. Larson office!
Natasha E.
21:43 11 Jan 23
We love Dr. Larson and his staff!!! The care we have gotten while my son has had his braces has been amazing!!!
mira O.
20:05 11 Jan 23
I highly recommend it! Great service
Elizabeth R.
21:40 05 Jan 23
The best orthodontist in the area! My daughter has had to have multiple sets of braces due to issues with her bite. They have done an amazing job fixing her teeth. They also have an easy to work with payment plan. Dr Larson is a gem!
Allie D.
19:10 04 Jan 23
We have been coming here for years. My son is now starting Phase 2 for his braces. Everyone is really, really friendly. The doctors and staff take the time to answer all our questions. We were very happy with the progress after phase 1. We can't wait to see his smile after phase 2 is complete.
Denise A.
18:15 04 Jan 23
Great staff, great service.
Omar C.
17:51 04 Jan 23
Shout out to Dr. Larson a here great team !!
Alicia G.
17:48 04 Jan 23
Dr Larson is great! He explained everything perfectly and gave me a breakdown of the treatment plan. Staff is always friendly and makes my daughter feel comfortable. I would recommend this office to anyone looking for a great orthodontist
Yesenia G
23:33 03 Jan 23
One of the best orthodontist in the area. I been coming to him for the last 10 years. It's always a pleasure going in even if it's a broken retainer.
Rosanna I.
21:40 29 Dec 22
The staff was very nice and helpful. My daughter felt super comfortable as they went through her initial consultation. Dr. Taylor helped describe the whole process and what to expect. We were able to book the first appointment the same day. Overall, a great experience!!
Jennifer A.
18:30 29 Dec 22
Such a friendly environment, I always love coming here. The staff are hard workers and I’m happy I choose this place to get my braces.
Larissa H.
19:37 28 Dec 22
Super nice staff, very accommodating, Dr. Larson is great. They work with your budget and allow payments. Happy kids on their way to having beautiful teeth.
Robin S.
19:26 28 Dec 22
We have loved our experience at Dr. Larson’s! Staff is timely, friendly, and very professional while being warm. My 8 year old has been happy. 🙂
Mary R
22:38 27 Dec 22
Amazing staff & such an easy process. So good that I referred my family too. Couldn’t be happier with my results. 🙏🏼
Bertha P.
21:48 27 Dec 22
Very friendly, fast and efficient service. It’s easy to make and reschedule appointments when needed. I hope to continue coming here for all 3 of my kids’ Orthodonics services.
Jennifer S.
19:59 26 Dec 22
Didn’t start going here until my little sister got her braces here for the first time ever and ever since then my whole family has been coming here for many years. Love the staff
Frances S.
19:19 26 Dec 22
The best orthodontist ever. I have taken all of my kids here . Wouldn't go anywhere else
EGHB Arts Art With E.
21:36 21 Dec 22
Both of my kids have been patients here, and the care has been terrific.
Mason G.
17:01 20 Dec 22
Love this place! Highly recommend!
Charlina S.
16:09 20 Dec 22
They never keep you waiting for too long and always greet you with a kind smile!
Kathy H.
22:21 18 Dec 22
I wish I knew about this office soone, I would of never wasted my time anywhere else. They are fast , friendly, courteous and very straight forward about all ur needs. They mAle u feel at home and they don’t pretend to care, they actually do care. I’ll never go anywhere else. Thank u to all of u.
Anabel G.
20:55 15 Dec 22
Definitely the best place I’ve ever been to, all the employees are so so so amazing and wonderful, I always feel so welcomed. The ladies at the front always speak to you so nicely. I’ve been to multiple other places but Dr.Larson is the only place I’ll recommend 😊
Teresa P.
19:39 14 Dec 22
Staff is so nice!After seeing different ortho for consultation and never getting answers.First visit Dr.larson had the answers had a plan worked out and my daughter had her braces on same day.Thank you Dr.Larson you have such an amazing office
Navpreet K.
19:20 13 Dec 22
Dr. Larson and staff are absolutely wonderful. From the moment you walk in you feel welcomed and comfortable. I highly recommend Dr Larson. U won’t regret.
Melody R.
18:07 13 Dec 22
Dr. Larson's office is the best. It's clean and everyone is nice.
Laura R.
18:04 13 Dec 22
Both my kids see Dr. Larson and we're very happy with the care they receive. The office is clean and everyone who works there is super nice.
sydney S.
00:13 13 Dec 22
Dr. Larson and his team are the absolute best!! I give Larson Orthodontic's 5 stars because it truly represents my family's experience. The level of care, service, cleanliness, flexibility and affordability have all exceeded my expectations. I'm equally pleased with the progress of treatment.
Summer C.
23:03 12 Dec 22
Dr. Larson and his staff are very professional, courteous, and efficient. They are also great at providing appointment times that work with our schedule.
Tessa Veasna C.
22:47 12 Dec 22
Both of our boys and my husband go here. We have only had professional interactions and are always treated with respect. The kids feel comfortable with the doctors and that is really important. We would highly recommend Larson.
Stacey M.
18:28 11 Dec 22
Five family members have received care here and we are all pleased with the results. The office is very clean, the assistants are helpful and friendly, and the orthodontists are knowledgeable, capable, and great at explaining treatments. Would recommend to anyone!
Donnie Jean N.
13:56 11 Dec 22
Courteous staff, Awesome MD and flexible to accommodate one’s special needs or request
talicia L.
16:07 09 Dec 22
Everyone from the check-in desk to the orthodontist is kind, helpful, and thorough. They do great even with my 7 year old. They explain things in ways she can understand and make it fun for her.
Jenny G.
18:25 08 Dec 22
Clean, professional, and personable. My boys love the rewards program.
Sandra L.
00:33 08 Dec 22
In doing my research for an orthodontist , I found that Larson orthodontist had so many great reviews & coinsidentaly as I was doing my reasearch a Dentist recommended Larson Orthodontist where my daughter had her wisdom teeth removed. The Dentist at the time recommended that my 16 year old get braces & that he recommends Larson Orthodontist, that both his children had their braces done there & they had a great experience. This helped me decide to take the chance & so I took my 16 year old to Larson Orthodontist & so far in our experience everyone there is really nice & also very well organized that they have you in & out pretty quickly & get whatever needs to done right the first time around. I'm really happy I took the chance & I recommend Larson Orthodontist.
Janette L.
18:06 07 Dec 22
Very friendly staff.
Taniyah W.
17:15 07 Dec 22
Always a great experience and so fast. We appreciate the professionalism and fun environment!
Gabriela E.
01:23 07 Dec 22
I had my permanent retainers in for about 10 years, suddenly one side broke off last night. I called Larson Ortho this morning and they had me in and out in less than an hour this afternoon. It’s as if nothing had happened. Thank you!
20:13 06 Dec 22
This place is great! Both my daughters have beautiful smiles!
Nicole S.
07:54 02 Dec 22
We’re just getting started on our journey at Larson Orthodontist and we couldn’t be happier with our care. Since our very first consultation the staff has been extremely pleasant, detailed, and informative. We’re grateful to have chosen this place above others- it’s a very personalized treatment plan, we can’t wait to see our baby’s smile once we’re finished!
Melissa M.
22:13 24 Nov 22
They were all super friendly and amazing people. They work quick to get you in. The place is super nice and very clean all around. Definitely recommend 😊
Ralph H
21:48 24 Nov 22
Very positive experience. The staff was most friendly and professional. The procedure was a smooth and painless process. I would definitely recommend Larson Orthodontics services to anyone.
Jaime N.
18:41 23 Nov 22
the staff is always nice and cordial
Jessica R.
23:53 22 Nov 22
Extremely impressed with the amount of professionalism and sincerity each person I interacted with shared! I was greeted with a smile and each person walked me through each step of the process. I met with Dr.Larsen and just like my fiancé shared Dr Larsen is great! Great, caring and funny personality! He shared with me the treatment plan and I was all in! So excited to show off my smile soon!
Daniel H.
22:44 22 Nov 22
The staff was so so so so so so so so so good, and the service was so so so so so so so so so so so great and wonderful. I love doctor Larson
21:32 22 Nov 22
Dr. Larson and his team are the best; two of my girls have been patients if his for a few years. Each visit has been wonderful, the team is knowledgeable and helpful.
Deborah M.
16:41 22 Nov 22
By far the best experience. Everyone is welcoming and makes my son's visit as comfortable as possible. I highly recommend. I cannot brag enough about how cool this orthodontist staff & doctors are.
16:33 22 Nov 22
Larson gives the best service with a smile.
01:23 22 Nov 22
I ABSOLUTELY love Dr. Larson! He’s super nice and funny. His staff are always extremely kind and helpful. The office atmosphere is awesome and clean.I’m almost done with my Invisalign and I’m extremely happy with the results I’m seeing. I plan to bring my son here for his braces too!
Russell M.
22:14 21 Nov 22
My daughter is getting braces done. Larson’s staff is always friendly and office is kept clean. Great experience!!
J L.
21:26 21 Nov 22
Took my daughter here for a consultation, and we decided to get her braces. Office staff is very helpful, informative, polite, and professional. We’re a few months in and so far, so good. Would recommend to anyone thinking of getting their grill fixed.
Menitha C.
17:13 21 Nov 22
What a great office!! The staff here are really great and always helpful… My daughter comes here for her braces.. They run a really smooth operation here and I would totally recommend this place to ANYONE. They are so great we even drive from Corona (which I know isn’t quite that far but still). Payment is always a breeze as well, they have a great payment plan for those that need it which is fantastic!!!Thank you Dr. Larson and staff for everything you do!! Cheers!!
jessica G.
19:01 19 Nov 22
Me encanta este lugar. Todo el personal es muy atento y servicial. Nunca te hacen esperar más de 5 min en la sala para tu cita.
Chandler M.
00:07 19 Nov 22
Quick and easy, nice staff, and the location is very nice and clean
Amanda C.
00:10 17 Nov 22
Wonderful, attentive staff
David B.
23:20 16 Nov 22
Thanks to Dr. Larson, Dr. Taylor and everyone at Larson Orthodontics. They’re a very professional operation, yet there’s a very relaxed and positive vibe about the place.
Mrs. S.
20:17 16 Nov 22
This is the best Orthodontics everybody should come here!!!
alondra V.
01:18 15 Nov 22
I had Invisalign placed at Larson Orthodontist and I am absolutely happy with the results! I was very insecure with my smile because I had very prominent canines but after consulting with Dr.Larson he told me Invisalign would be a great fit for me and understood my concerns about not wanting to draw a lot attention to my teeth. After about a year of having Invisalign, my smile has completely transformed. I never thought I would be confident enough to smile with my teeth but I am happy to say that I am now! The staff are very kind and attentive. The office is also very clean and beautiful to be in. I highly recommend this place!
Monica De L.
16:40 14 Nov 22
Larson Orthodonics staff are so welcoming and friendly. The space is also beautiful. Their office understands what is means to be a parent to kiddos and try to accommodate as best as they can. Thank you for our smiles!
Kalia L.
23:27 10 Nov 22
Nice and friendly doctors and staff!
Amanda M.
20:17 10 Nov 22
We LOVE Larson Orthodontics! Larson works seamlessly with my kids’ dentist to make sure their mouths are progressing in the right direction. The behind the scene phone calls and legwork help ensure my time, as a busy mom of four, is maximized! The staff is always friendly and professional. It’s one of the few medical and dental places, in Riverside, with which I’ve been impressed beyond expectation!