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Jennifer C.
We just started going to Larson’s, but we’re already super appreciative of the amazing care that Dr. Amin Abdallah has given us, and all of the professional and friendly staff care, too. I talked to some of my other coworkers and found out that we ALL go to Larsons! LOL Definitely a great place for Ortho care! Informative, Knowledgeable, Friendly!
Alicia F.
Great dentist and staff.
Sonia S.
I am receiving Invisalign treatment and the staff is friendly and easy going. Dr. Abdallah is amazing.
Francie O.
Larson Orthodontics is a wonderful facility! Dr. Larson is extremely knowledgeable and clearly an expert. He is able to explain the exact process of treating the teeth so that parents and children can easily understand what's being done and the plan for moving forward. He and all of his Staff have excellent rapport with the children and families, too. His patients always leave smiling.. and with the perfect smile after treatment!
H F.
This dentist gave me amazing smile thank you
Leslie C.
My son and daughter had consultations this summer. The staff was very thorough and professional in explaining their treatment. Best of all they weren't pushy about starting treatment. They were also considerate of my children when suggesting treatment in order to select the path that would reduce the amount of time in treatment. My son started treatment and they provided us with an easy payment plan. My daughter will begin treatment in May. The staff is incredibly attentive during our visits.
Monique S.
I came here last week with one of my boys to get braces and then this week for the other one and both experiences were amazing in their own way. Sarah and Celeste were amazing. They walked us through everything and were both very welcoming. The whole team is great but wanted to acknowledge them personally. Also Dr. Abdallah was AMAZING. He made the process smooth and super comfortable for both mom and kids.
Tracey S.
Both of my grandsons get their braces here. The staff is kind and professional! They always have fun activities to do while you’re waiting. Very happy here👍💙🌊🌊🐬🐳
Sandra H.
Very clean and friendly staff, I’ve been coming here for almost a year and I love the service, most importantly I love the payment plan that they offer. I’ve recommended Larson orthodontist to friends and family.
Erica C.
Dr. Larson and his staff are friendly and professional. The office is beautiful and clean. We love it there!
Kalia L.
Nice and friendly doctors and staff! Always so nice and helpful! Have had a great experience here!
Jeff A.
Came in for Daughters braces and the owner Mr.Larson was very friendly and professional. The entire experience was painless and quick. I highly recommend this ortho to my closest friends and family. Thank you!
Always great service, never have to wait in and out. Everyone is so pleasant always a happy environment.
Reagan A.
Highly recommended!!! My son, Niko was nervous and he felt much better after being guided from Larson staff for knowing what to do with new braces in cleaning, check videos of d what not to eat , and make sure his deaf mother is able to understand what to do with financial plans and others. Friendly environment and always make sure we are good to go with beautiful smile!
Tania T.
Extremely happy with Dr. Larson’s office in riverside ALL staff and other providers are just the best, friendly and very welcoming!!! I was able to schedule a consultation appt for my son within a week or so, during my sons consultation Dr. Larson was just absolutely the best, my son was so nervous and he made my son feel so much at ease! I would highly recommend Dr Larson’a office and his staff!!
Ming T.
They did a great and professional job of treating my older son. They are currently treating my younger son with the same level of excellence.
Maria R.
My teeth started to shift so badly after two pregnancies. I knew I had to do something about it. Dr. Larson was the only orthodontist I considered to fix my teeth. I’m very happy with my treatment so far. Appointments are quick and efficient and his staff is so nice and professional. 10/10!
John M.
Dr. Larson is very personable and skilled. With many patients in the office, I noticed Dr Larson makes time to speak w all the patients and their parents. Also, his ability to verbally call out what needs to be done w each case tells me he knows what he is doing. His staff all seem to carry his standards as well. I am very pleased and highly recommend Dr Larson.
Love and C.
We visited Larson Orthodontics today for the first time. I was so impressed. From check in to check out, every single person was very nice, professional, and efficient. The office itself was also beautiful. I came for my daughter but I was so impressed with everything that I asked if I could be seen as well (I had been wanting it for quite some time). Thankfully, they had an opening. So, I guess my daughter and I are gonna be invisaligh twinsies!
Diane A.
Great place if you’re looking for a new Ortho to establish care. Entire staff is professional & polite. Took my 15 yo son for 2nd phase braces. Excellent payment plans if you have no insurance. Doctor was straight to the point, didn’t try to sell me on other things. Much appreciated. He was very thorough & pleasant. Made my son feel comfortable. Overall 5 stars, start to finish. (Plus, they have 7am appointments on Thursday’s which works out great for working parents & students)
Max H.
My brother got invisalign and they did a great job would come back!
Krystal C.
Very knowledgeable and friendly Orthodontist and staff. So thankful we found this Orthodontist!